What Makes Us So Dynamic?

Welcome to the Dynamic MiNi Collective, or “the DMC” (if you like things little and obviously, you do), Southern Arizona’s MINI Motoring Club. The DMC was formed in 2004 by a diverse group of MINI enthusiasts who came together to establish a social club aimed at bringing together owners and families in the common pursuit of all things MINI motoring. We speak a common language around here, one of ‘boots and bonnets’, enthusiates vs. R56s, fun-runs, twisties, mods, autoX and we look forward to sharing this language with you, fellow motorer. Our membership includes several classic MINI owners who tie us to our roots and remind of us MINI’s rallying heritage, as well as multiple-MINI families, those sporty, unique GP owners who like to keep the miles low, those free-wheeling topless drivers (whoa!… we mean convertibles… this is a family club, after all), and every MINI in between.

What is this Board and Chapter Business All About?

The DMC is a geographically diverse car club. You can find us in Phoenix and Tucson, and each chapter coordinates its own fun and unique fun runs and social events. However, no matter which chapter you belong to, you can participate in any DMC event coordinated by any chapter. The DMC Board of Directors consists of three Co-Chairs, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Board handles club business and membership matters. Each of the chapters is helmed by a  local team of Co-Chairs who coordinate local events and welcome new members.

What Exactly Does a Mini Motoring Club Do?

First things first… we motor! Nearly every month, we have breakfast and then do a fun run to somewhere. These events may be local, like our Mini-to-Mini event that stops for a picnic lunch under the towering fountain in Fountain Hills, or a day trip up the twisty back road to Prescott and Jerome, or an overnighter like the biennial Twist & Shout / Devil’s Highway trek or our newest event to the Four Corners and beyond. As a DMC member, you’ll also learn about national events sponsored by clubs from surrounding states, like Mini Takes The States (MTTS), A MINI Vacation in Vegas (AMVIV), MINIs in the Mountains (MiTM), and The Dragon.  When we’re not motoring, we certainly are a friendly bunch, that’s for sure. Think of us like that big, weird, funny family (with the crazy uncle… you know the kind… I know who gets my vote). We enjoy ice cream socials, international food nights, go-karting, auto-cross, and a host of other spontaneous events.

What is the DMC’s Relationship with MINI?

The DMC is not affiliated with MINI USA, Penske, or BMW. However, we do enjoy a very good relationship with MINI USA, as well as with our friends at MINI North Scottsdale, MINI of Tempe and MINI of Tucson.  As a DMC member, you will also receive a discount on parts, service, and accessories at these dealerships and other vendors we have relationships with.

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Your DMC Board

Barney Rael
DJ Rael
Dave Millard

Debbie Rael

Jodi Lynn Strait

Chapter Chairpersons

Desert Rat Pack (Phoenix) Co-chairs

M.A.D.M.E.N. (Tucson) Co-chairs
DJ Rael
Marsha Carter
Mark Platt