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Fallen Firefighters

Postby Ralphchoate » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:03 pm

Betty and I are new members here but also are BI-Polar (members of another car club). The AZ All Gens Camaro Club has been in contact with the 100 Club of Arizona regarding fundraising and a cruise to benefit the Hot Shot crew lost recently. Here is the latest update on that effort:

The 100 Club of Arizona is deeply touched by our willingness to help, and wishes to convey their gratitude for your generosity and thoughts.
They would love to see us arrive with a huge convoy to deliver our donations, but they are asking us to reconsider. Prescott is totally overwhelmed at this point with holiday weekenders, and then on top of that thousands of extra people who wish to pay their respects to the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Local and State law enforcement are overwhelmed at this point, and there is virtually no room at this point for more. They are asking us to donate online, and pay or respects from a safe distance. A group as big as ours would only add to the turmoil - and after thinking about it, I agree. I don't want to add to the confusion, and I don't feel comfortable with the large holiday crowds in Prescott, as well as on I-17 trying to come back down the hill. They are expecting the crowds to last through next weekend, and the service there will be this coming Tuesday. I am going to ask all of you to read the following and make your pledges there.

To Make A Donation To The Granite Mountain Hotshots Fund:

Not sure what the Dynamic MiNi Collective's view is on these type of efforts but Betty and I were very proud today to donate $100 to the cause in conjunction with the AZ ALL GENS efforts AND I am willing to pony up another $100 if the MiNi folks would like to join "those people" in this effort.

Someone, please advise if this is a good idea or if I am a well-meaning, new, but out-of-line recent joiner to THIS club.

-ralph and betty choate
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Re: Fallen Firefighters

Postby danjmcs » Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:25 am

I think its definitely a great idea to consider how we could help...
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